Nature's Path Organic Smart Bran (Blend of Wheat, Psyllium & Oat Bran) 300g


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Super crunchy cereal nuggets of high-fibre fuel, our Smart Bran cereal is a clever combo of organic wheat bran, oat bran, and psyllium husk. Organically sweetened, it’s a tasty base for your morning bowl, and can give any dish a boost of fibre when you bake or cook. Low fat with 13g of fibre, it supports digestive health. And when you choose to eat organic, you’re choosing health for both yourself, and for the planet.

Reasons to love it:

  • Wheat bran, oat bran, and psyllium seed husk
  • Organically sweetened, super crunchy and tasty
  • 13g fibre, 3g protein, low fat
  • Organic, non-GMO, vegan

Wheat bran*, oat fibre*, cane sugar*, psyllium seed husk*, barley malt extract*, oat bran*, whole oat flour*, sea salt. *Organic. Contains wheat, oats and barley. may contain tree nuts, peanuts or soy.

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