• NATURES FINEST Organic Maca Powder 250g

NATURES FINEST Organic Maca Powder 250g


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Organically produced
Spikes energy levels
Maintains vitality
Supports physical and mental efficiency

Ingredients: Maca (Lepidium meyenii) powder* (100%). *Organic -dietary supplement.

Maca is a plant from the Andes, one of the few that was able to adapt to tough conditions at an altitude of more than 4,400 m. That's why it is thought to be an extremely resilient plant. For centuries, the Peruvian Indians have appreciated Maca because of its root, which rightly bears the name "miraculous root." Incas used Maca to boost strength and stamina during a fight.

Maca contains a satisfactory amount of active ingredients only when grown at the highest level. Our Maca grew at a high altitude in Peru. It is also very important that Maca is naturally dried in the sun for two months.

The active ingredients of Maca come from the heart-shaped root. The root is consumed either raw, dried or ground.

Maca supports physical and mental efficiency
Spikes energy levels

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