• Mujeza Miracle Pure Sidr Honey  600g

Mujeza Miracle Pure Sidr Honey 600g


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What is mountain Sidr honey

Sidr honey is the honey that bees produce by feeding on the nectar of the Sidr trees known as the buckthorn, and it was mentioned in the Holy Quran, which is one of the perennial trees.

Its health and therapeutic benefits

   Strengthening the nervous system

   Expelling gases.

   Useful for irritable bowel, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

   For asthma and allergies.

   For gout and joint pain.

   Removes excess acidity.

   For external use on wounds and burns.

   It strengthens the heart.

   Very useful for insomnia.


   For anemia.

   Useful for pregnant women and fetus nutrition.

   Dripping for eye diseases after diluting it with distilled water.

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