Mujeza Miracle Oat Biscuits with Psyllium Husk & Cress Seeds 180g


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Oatmeal biscuits with Psyllium Husk and cress

Tonic for the intestines and sweetened with Sidr honey
Strength of bones, joints and spine

Oats Biscuits with Rashad:
Benefits of oats:
• Activates energy production processes in the body because it is rich in vitamin B and dietary fiber from complex carbohydrates, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and increase the feeling of satiety for a long time, which prevents obesity.
• Prevents type 2 diabetes, as it has a low glycemic index (an indicator of high blood sugar). Because the emptying of the stomach is slow, which reduces blood sugar, and this improves the response of the body's cells to insulin.
• Reduces blood cholesterol because it is rich in dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals important for regulating the work of the heart and the health of the coronary arteries.
• It protects children from childhood asthma
• Rich in essential nutrients such as: complex carbohydrates that prevent constipation and improve kidney function for patients with renal failure - special vegetable proteins that reduce depression - unsaturated fats - magnesium that protects against high blood pressure - zinc that gives immunity against influenza and cough - iron for blood strength - Phosphorus and calcium for healthy bones and joints - many vitamins
Biscuits are baked with cress seeds for their health and therapeutic benefits
Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which increases the activity of the body's immune system, resisting colds and pulmonary diseases, and protects against degenerative diseases and genetic mutations.
• Maintains the health of the liver, and prevents damage.
• Helps strengthen bones and speed up recovery from fractures.
• Regulates the level of sugar in the blood, and helps in reducing high blood pressure.
• Cress seeds contribute to the regularity of the menstrual cycle in women.
• Stimulates the secretion of milk in a nursing mother.
• Appetizing, and treats the problem of thinness and malnutrition
• Soothes digestive and intestinal disorders and helps in cleansing them.
• A stimulant for hormones and contains vitamin E, which enhances reproductive health functions for both sexes.
• Rich in iron and folic acid, which increases the production of red blood cells.
• Helps prevent hair loss.
• Rich in vitamin A, which improves eye health.

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