• Mujeza Miracle Nigella Honey 500 g

Mujeza Miracle Nigella Honey 500 g


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What is black seed honey?

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Its health and therapeutic benefits


*Useful for chest problems, coughing and coughing

   It strengthens the heart

   Purifies the blood

   Activates the liver

   Useful for nausea

   Cleans the urinary system and is a diuretic


*A recipe for cleaning the kidneys and the bladder from stones, using black seed honey

Dissolve a package of honey, Nigella sativa - 500 grams in a bowl of water - 1 liter, and drink it during the whole day and repeat the same recipe the next night, as well as the next day, the stones will come out within 24 hours or a maximum of two days only

*How to use

Take a spoonful of this honey dissolved in half a cup of warm water or milk one hour before or three hours after each main meal. And for public health, it is addressed as desired.

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