• Mujeza Miracle Citrus Honey (Children Favorite) 600 g

Mujeza Miracle Citrus Honey (Children Favorite) 600 g


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What is citrus honey for babies? And why it is called by that name?

It is the honey in which bees feed on the flowers of citrus or citrus shrubs (such as lemon, bitter orange, tangerine, clementines, pomelae, and grapefruit) that bloom from mid-March to late April.

*Its advantages

It is characterized by its light color and low density.

• It has the smell and taste of citrus fruits and flowers.

It contains many beneficial and refreshing volatile oils.

• An ideal food, light on the stomach of children, and useful for their growth.

• Natural and light citrus honey.

*the benefits

   Useful for children's growth.

   Bone strengthening.

   Strengthening the structure during the teething years.

   Gas repellent - for acidity - constipation.

   To protect against infectious injuries.

   Cough suppressant and expectorant.

   Helps children grow quietly.

   It strengthens the child, both physically and mentally.

   Useful and fitter in strengthening the immune system.

   Memory booster works to improve the growth of bones and teeth.

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