• Maple Joe Maple Syrup Grade A 190ml

Maple Joe Maple Syrup Grade A 190ml


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Since 2000, the Maple Joe® brand brings the very best of the sugar bush to food lovers everywhere. Using only 100% natural syrup, it provides an excellent alternative to refined sugars while offering you the full Quebec sugar bush experience. Indulge in the taste of pure, authentic maple syrup. Maple sap contains phenolic compounds and flavonoids, known for their antioxidant effects, which are also found in maple syrup. Maple syrup also contains iron, zinc, manganese and calcium. Maple syrup is a rich-tasting product we can take pleasure in as part of a balanced diet. That makes it a healthy and natural alternative for sweetening your favorite dishes. It also contains 33% fewer calories than an equal quantity of sugar. This product with its unique taste, contains no coloring agents, artificial flavors or preservatives. Maple syrup is a healthy alternative to sugar! Like all good maple syrups, it contains no additives or preservatives. Its glycemic index is lower than white sugar and it tastes very sweet. Maple syrup is sourced from deep within the Canadian forests. It is 100% pure, authentic and grade A maple syrup free of colorants and additives. It has a unique amber color and an inimitable caramelized flavor.

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