• green fields Black Seed Paste 350g

green fields Black Seed Paste 350g


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Traditional breakfast treat when mixed with honey, sugar or molasses.

Stone Ground Nigella Sativa or Black Seeds prepared in a special way.

Is to be mixed with Honey, Tahini, or Molasses and used as a breakfast treat.

All Natural without additives.

Strength and Energy and Immunity.


For making traditional sweets, like bakes and biscuits.

May contain traces of sesame.

The pharaoes used to eat those seeds to give them immunity against poisening.

The Black Seed Paste 

A healthy way to start the day. High nutritional content. Very rich in Calcium and Magnesium. It can be teamed with either sugar or honey syrup and can become a great dessert after lunch or dinner.

Nigella Tray (Traditional Sweet Dish)

-One cup of Nigella Paste,

-One cup of brown rice flour,

-One cup semolina,

-Half a cup of sugar,

-One teaspoon of baking powder,

-Pinch of salt,

-Enough warm water for kneading until a smooth dough is formed,

-Nuts and raisins for the filling according to taste. (Optional, usually a few almonds are put on top)

-Sugar syrup, One and a half cup sugar mixed with one and a half cups water bring to a boil until sugar dissolves.

Mix the dry ingredients together then add everything except raisins and nuts, add enough water until a dough is formed. Put half of the dough in an oiled tray, put the filling on top, then put on the top the other half. You can smooth it with wet hands. Cut into squares inside the tray. Put in 170 to 180 °C. Around 20 minutes is done when sides appear darker or a match comes out clean. Put syrup on top.

Bon appetite.  

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