• Dragon Organic Maca Powder 200g

Dragon Organic Maca Powder 200g


  • Brand: Dragon
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  • ID: 2009

● 100% Organic 
 GMO free 
 Gluten free
● excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins (esp. vitamin C) and minerals (e.g. Copper and iron)
● Contains all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids.

- Rich in Antioxidants – fight off chronic disease (decrease level of cholesterol, triglycerides in liver and reduce blood sugar), and prevent damage to cells
- Enhances energy, mood (reduce symptoms of depression) and memory

Maca powder is an excellent addition to your daily fresh, juice, yogurt, milk, soup, smoothie, dessert, etc.

Start with 1/4 tea spoon (2g) two times per day and slowly increase up to 2 tea spoons (10g) per day.

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