BONA MEL Organic Acacia Honey 450g


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Acacia is also known by the scientific name of robinia pseudoancia belongs to the family of Fabaceae, with a height of between 15 to 25 meters, wide treetop, flourishes white flowers that later will develop in legumes and in resistant thorns that can be harvested in the spring. Our organic Bona Mel Acacia honey comes from hives located in the large natural forests from Romania. It is a honey produced by bees from the nectar of these flowers and whose collection is carried out during the months of April and May. Organic acacia Bona Mel honey has a very light colour, a thin, soft, floral aroma and a sweet, fine and elegant taste. Among the most important properties of acacia honey we can find its soothing effects, that it is a great reconstituent, that it collaborates in the intestinal regulation, it is an exceptional laxative against constipation and above all, it is recommended for diabetes patients.

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