• Body & Future Organic Rice Drink 1L

Body & Future Organic Rice Drink 1L


  • Brand: Body & Future
  • Product Code: Non-Dairy Drinks
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  • ID: 3825

Ingredients: Spring water, rice flour 12.5%, rapeseed oil, calcium, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, sea salt, stabilizer: gellan gum, vitamin D3. May contain nuts and soy.

Our Body&Future category of plant alternatives has expanded to include a rice drink, which is one of the most popular for its excellent taste and versatile use. The herbal drink is made from high-quality rice, thanks to which the drink has such a perfectly pleasant and balanced taste. Rice is an important source of fiber, which has excellent health effects and helps our digestion. The drink is enriched with vegan vitamin D3 and calcium, which ensures the proper functioning of muscles and bones. It has a slightly sweet taste and is suitable for vegans. No preservatives, no GMOs and no lactose. Available in ecological packaging.

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