Bob's Red Mill Green Lentils 680g


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Petite French Green Lentils, also known as lentils vertes, are a bit spicy with a mottled, dark green appearance. They are the most intensely flavored of the lentil family and are prized by chefs for their rich, nutty flavor and hearty texture. Cook them on the stovetop or in a slow cooker with carrots, extra-virgin olive oil, a bay leaf, and red wine for an easy weeknight supper.

Cooked lentils are incredibly nutritious. These members of the legume family are an excellent source of plant-based protein—1/4 cup supplies 13 grams of protein as well as 18 grams of dietary fiber (72% of your daily value).

While many dried beans require pre-soaking, Petite French Green Lentils cook up quickly with no soaking required. Unlike other varieties of lentils, they hold their shape after cooking, so Petite French Green Lentils are perfect tossed with olive oil in salads and pilafs

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