• B BREZZO Organic Acacia  Honey 35g

B BREZZO Organic Acacia Honey 35g


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Acacia honey is the best known and loved honey among Italian ones. It is particularly popular for its light color, sweet, candy-coated flavor, and the fact that it naturally stays liquid forever. Our acacia honey is produced in the uncontaminated forests of Roero and Monferrato, where the plant grows luxuriantly covered with fragrant white flowers from which precious nectar is born that the bees collect and transform into honey. No crystallization.


Sweetener for drinks and coffee, perfect to combine with yogurt, mascarpone, fresh and blue cheeses; excellent on pies and fruit pies.


Store in a cool, dry and protected from light.


From aqua white to straw yellow

Collection area

Roero and Monferrato (Piedmont)

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