what we produce


The seeds of Yanboot were sown in 2014 on 4.5 hectares of farmland in Jerash. Perched on a sunny hillside, our fields are organized in an efficient terracing system and incorporate five greenhouses which integrate, modern sub­irrigation system, crop rotation, and companion planting methods in order to preserve the soil. Natural compost fertilizes the fields and pests are kept at bay using natural and biological techniques.

Yanboot manages and cooperates with our network of small, medium and large farms located in Jerash, Zarqa, Ajloun and the Jordan Valley.


Yanboot is committed to delivering affordable, premium and natural products backed by quality production operations. We offer a wide selection of local and traditional recipes that will bring you back to grandma's kitchen, as well as mouth­watering new flavors to discover from our creative chefs, all produced from our local organic produce.

Try our natural jams, savory makdous, seasonal pickles or flavorful olive oil and zaatar!
No matter what your choice is, Yanboot’s products are always synonymous with quality and passion for healthy and tasty food​and are the best choice for you and your loved ones.