About Yanboot

The roots of Yanboot are grounded in over 40 years of food production industry and farming experience of late Prof. Humeid, food scientist and founder of Al­Fareeda Cheese Factory. In 2014, Late Prof. Humeid establised Humeid organic farm with the aim of bringing healthy, local food to the people of Jordan and the wider region. Paying tribute to his hard work and inspirational dream, the Humeid family is proud to continue the tradition of Yanboot.

As a leading trusted brand, Yanboot holistic approach offers its community alternatives to conventional agriculture and food production. We grow food organically, produce local, natural and healthy products, trade fairly and build our community through educational events which reconnect us to nature.

Celebrating the rich history of organic farming and food production in our region, we endeavor to preserve and build upon past traditions of serving our community and nurturing the earth. We warmly welcome you to Yanboot, where we encourage an open exchange of past experiences, modern ideas and technologies, and an exploration of new culinary flavors.

Respect for nature & attentive care for our resources

Yanboot strongly believes that a large­scale shift to sustainable farming could effectively bring back the balance to our planet by protecting environment and biodiversity. That’s why we make sure that Yanboot’s farmers and suppliers cultivate using sustainable methods in order to offer you healthy and nutritious products.

Sustainable farming includes a variety of techniques, such as organic and pesticide­free farming and Integrated Pest Management among others.
At our farms we follow organic farming methods, which eliminate the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, keeping harmful chemicals out of the air, water, soil and our bodies.
We ensure that only high quality healthy, delicious, and locally produced goods are served at your table.


In this emerging sector, clear information and trust are vital. Yanboot follows a well­defined policy for procurement, labeling and communication with our community of customers. Our products are clearly labeled as organic, pesticides free, preservative free, free­range, etc., informing you of the specific quality of each fruit, vegetable, and locally manufactured product. You have the right to know where your food comes from and how it is produced, so we make it our priority to bring this information to you.

Cooperative Work & Fair Trading

Yanboot cooperates with numerous trustworthy producers, coordinating their sales and enabling them to reach new customers and improve their business.

Through this cooperative and fair-trade network, Yanboot consistently offers our community the healthiest fruits and vegetables available on the market. By choosing Yanboot, you choose to purchase products that are good for your well- being, for the environment and for the local economy.

Technological Innovation & Balance

Yanboot envisions a future where nature and human development strike a symbiotic balance. From our experience, we have found that modern farming technologies can be a positive addition to this equation, ultimately improving our wellbeing and protecting this Earth, upon which we are so unconditionally dependent for our survival.
Modern irrigation systems, mulching, and natural pest control methods are some examples of methods implemented at our farms. Inspired by the continual growth and regeneration of our planet earth, we aspire to be elements of innovation and change, experimenting with new technologies and methods which cultivate positive net impacts. We always welcome and encourage new ideas and international cooperation from our community around the world.